Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Race, Super PR: Super 5K (2/5/12)

Tim Harden (263) and me (223) before he destroyed me.
Frank Georges (360) and St. Anthony of Jersey (82) also in the frame.

Race: Super 5K
Location: Lowell, MA
Goal Time: 19:17
Actual Time: 18:43
Place: 41st Overall, 2nd in the "Linebacker" division.

This morning there was much lamenting the Patriots defeat in my office. What had seemed so destined to be ring number 4 was taken by excellent front line play on both sides of the ball by the Giants (especially Jason Pierre Paul on the Defensive End and David Baas at the Center). I told one of the attorney's that I thought it was a great game despite poor play by the skill players. He commented that he wished he could have the same emotional detachment that I had.

Easy, I said, have your own athletics to get emotionally involved in.

Super Bowl Sunday this year offered just that.


Jim Rhoades' annual Super 5K is held on Super Bowl Sunday every year. This year there were two "races-within-a-race" that interested me; and, for which I had far more emotional involvement.

1. The "Linebacker" Division. Cleverly named Clydesdales; while 225lb+ was the "lineman" division.

2. The SRR Grand Prix "Race for 15th Place"

At the starting I noticed Amy had not listened Dan & I's request to get Tim Harden really drunk on Saturday night. Ergo, Dan and I would have to actually try to beat him for the linebacker division the old fashioned way - with our feet.

My game plan was simple. Run with Tim Harden, hope he dies toward Mile 3 and I have enough to beat the others in the race for 15th.

We put in a 5:45 Mile 1. Now, I have learned that regardless of pace if you don't feel like you are running fast then you are on a good sustainable pace. That 5:45 felt fast.

Mile 2 we slowed all the way to 5:55. That 5:55 ALSO felt fast. But I had been keeping up with him and felt maybe in Mile 3 he would die and I could get by him.

Unfortunately, that's when Kate Hails passed us. Not only did Tim not fade as I moved to snatch the Linebacker title. He picked up the pace to keep up with Kate. I followed suit for three, maybe four, steps and realized the insanity of such a move.

I spent the last mile cheering on the SRRs who were now passing me as I slowed to a 6:25. (Part of my cheering apparently screwed up Tommy B who was trying to sneak up on Bradley. Bradley was alerted to the danger: "That little Brit is coming," he said to himself).

The last turn and the last quarter mile were rough, rough rough for me. With Victor's encouragement, I just desperately hung on while trying not to vomit.

I came across the line at what I thought was a Personal Record by a few seconds, only to realize I misread the clock and had a one minute PR!. BEAST MODE again.


As race three of Katie O's SRR Grand Prix, Somerville was out in force. 84 out of the 446 runners were from SRR.

Tim Harden, Korynn, Tommy B, Aharon, SoRad, Seth Maleri and Bradley all had massive PRs. (Tim also won the Linebacker category).

Kath Hardcastle took 2nd for women

SRR's fastest couple, Alex White and Kate Hails, had matching 3rd Places

Megan Hyland, Joe O'Leary, Mariah Tinger, Jennifer Rappaport, and Paul Hammond all went home with age group wins.

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