Monday, October 10, 2011

Over the Hills and Through the Woods: CRW Fall Century (9/18/11)

Ride: CRW’s Fall Century - Soughegan River Tour
Difficulty: medium (harder in the top chain ring)

At the 1st Waterstop, my friend Sergey told me, “the hills are after this.”

Ahh…that explains it I thought. Two years ago, I had done the Metric Century and had not found it hard at all. However, others had said it was hard. Well, apparently all the hills are in that 40 miles that aren’t part of the metric century.

Well, Seregy was right. Between waterstop one and two there were tough rolling hills (especially tough when your bike refuses to go into the bottom chain ring.)

Yet, these hills were well worth it as on the downhill into the second waterstop there was 5 miles along the nature preserve along the river. Absolutely georgeous.

The two hardest hills of the day were saved for right after the second water stop. As I fought my way up to the top of the second hill (in the large chain ring of course) I prayed this would be it.

Sure enough it was! There was a down hill into Pepperhill and the last waterstop and then 30 miles through the rolling areas of Boston’s Northern Exurbs.

After briefly getting lost, I found my way to Littleton with the help of two others who had been lost. I would have had great pictures of the colors beginning to change but some moron didn't put his memory card back into his camera.

With the ride from Littleton back to Somerville, I put in a new person record, 157 miles for the day!

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