Monday, May 30, 2011

Finally Did it Right: Johnny Kelley Half Marathon (5/29/11)

Event: Johnny Kelly Half Marathon

Location: Hyannis, MA

Distance: 13.1 Miles

Goal Time: 1:38:30

Actual Time: 1:37:43 (Personal Record, 1st in Clydesdales!)

Shakespeare proved a long time ago that success does not make for as interesting writing as grand failure - but I'll try.

I rode from my uncle’s place and after a stop at the Osterville Dunkin Donuts I made my way into Hyannis and down to the Town Green. My ride allowed me to recon the finishing stretch.

Leading up to the race I had developed a simple battle plan. I was going to put in 11 miles at 7:30/mile and then see what I can do.

While I ran a little too fast in the first mile, I was largely able to follow my game plan. My 7 minute first mile was an attempt by me to walk up my legs which were sluggish at best as we ran down Main Street.

At the one mile mark, I let up back to 7:30 with my legs were in the “stamp out the pace” mode. Through out the next miles, I maintained that pace between 7:25 and 7:35 comfortably.

I witnessed an interesting bit in the fifth mile. Around mile four, I passed a woman who looked to be laboring with twisting torso and flailing arms. Then she came storming past me within a quarter mile. I thought that was weird but – whatever. I knew this woman wasn’t going to be able to keep this up. I kept up my pace and passed her again around 4.5 miles. That apparently didn’t make her happy as she passed me AGAIN. I was not looking forward to playing this game all day with this woman. However, I knew if I kept running at my pace this woman would drop. So as we closed on the 5 mile mark, I ran by her, keeping up my pace. I never saw her again.

Mile 9 was an outlier. There were two hills, so that probably explains the 8:30 mile.

As I passed Mile 10, I picked it up “an iota.” Or so I thought. I picked up the effort, but not the time – 7:35. Each of the next two miles, I picked it up a little more speed. We reached South Street with a half-mile left and I slowly built up speed and built up speed. With 200 yards left, I put it all on the line.

As I sprint with a yell across the finish line – 1:37:43! Nearly 1:45 better than my previous PR!

Tino Pai,


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