Saturday, April 9, 2011

The 2nd Annual Where the Hell Have You Been All Winter Ride (4/9/11)

Factory at the end of the Blue Heron Trail

Ride: Charles-Minuteman (West) Course
Distance: 53 Miles

It was the first beautiful Spring day of the year: perfect weather and a Saturday.

Thursday, I discovered a new trail. "Discovered" in the Columbian use of the term, that is. There were hundreds of people already using it, but I discovered it. The Great Blue Heron Trail runs from Watertown Square out to the Moody Street Dam in Waltham.

So, this morning when I worried whether I had the energy for the Cape Ann Lighthouse Arrow I planned, I decided to do my Charles Minuteman Ride that passes within 3 miles of my house three times.

From Central I headed all the way to the Moody Street Dam. The trail has boardwalk, asphalt, crushed gravel and dirt. It heads through the wooded Charles River Reservation. It is an absolutely gorgeous course.

LinkUpper Charles East

After a jaunt around Fresh Pond and up and down the Minuteman (where I saw four SRR's on runs), I rode into town on the Boston side of the River. Oh my god, Where have all these people been this winter? I might prefer the river without people. By Mass Ave, I gave up and rode home.

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