Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lost in the Woods on All Hallow's Eve (10/31/10)

It all started with a simple thing. I signed up for the USATF New England Cross Country Championships. On November 7th, there will be a 10K Cross Country race.

A few weeks later, Tim - my realist racing advisor (should probably talk to him BEFORE races more often) - and I were discussing the upcoming race. Tim informed me that not very many slow people would show up since it was a "championship" and it may have been a mistake for me to sign up.

Well, upon reading the fastest times from last year, I can say once again my realist racing advisor was correct and I am "stupid." Yeah, there are som fast people in this race.

I know what you are saying: "Okay jagoff, but how does this get you lost in the woods on All Hallow's Eve?"

Well, I figured if I did a training run that was harder than the one I am racing this weekend, then maybe I won't come in last at the Championships.

So, Sunday I hopped on the bike and went to the pool. After my swim, I rode north up to the Malden/Meffa line on East Border, locked my bike and went into the woods for a run. I was able to follow the Cross Fells trail and meet up with the Rock Circuit trail for what would be a total of about 6 miles. That is of course if you do not lose the Rock Circuit trail - if you do that you might be screwed!

I was running over the rocks and through the trails aimlessly (well, not "aimlessly" my aim was to find the rock cirucuit trail!, unsuccessfully). The sun tipped lower and lower and I became more desperate to get out of the woods.

Meanwhile, I found it hysterical that I was horribly lost in the woods, not in the 100 Mile Wilderness or Northern NH or anything but in Malden for Christ's Sakes.

Almost an hour later, I heard a road and trampled not down a path but straight through the bushes to emerge - "Crap, I'm over by Oak Grove!"

Well, its only a mile and a half to my bike.

Tino Pai!


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