Monday, May 10, 2010

Trying a Tri (5/9/10) - Sudbury Triathlon

Event: Sudbury Spring Triathlon
Distances: Swim- 400yd/ Bike - 7 miles/ Run - 2.3 miles
Goal Time: 1:05:00
Actual Time: 52:36

First, I had swam faster than at any point (probably in my life, but definitely since I had been preparing for this). But secondly I had gulped down a huge mouthful of pool water as I finished the swim. Now I stood at the edge of the basketball court - freezing - and trying not to throw up all said pool water. This was not at all part of my plan for my first transition. You really don't plan how to deal with a stomach full of pool water.

My 9:20 swim had put me in the position where I was forced to start passing people in the pool. They had let us go every 10 seconds based on expected swim time. Out of 523 people I went 508th with an expected swim of 11:30 minutes. So, I had to pass about a dozen people in the narrow lanes of the pool. I guess I was more prepared then I thought.

Once I had finished the 8 laps navigating the ppol, then a quick run to the bike in nothing but my swimming trunks (it was about 45 degrees F outside). After I recovered from not throwing up all of the pool water - I was off on the bike. Once again I was just flying by people. A few of these people had the full racing bikes with the aero-bars, etc. I don't know how they felt as the big guy on a Trek touring bike with straight handlebars flew by them. Well, the second time around the 3.5 mile loop at least one burned himself out re-catching up with me only to have to let me go in the last half mile.

I had a much easier time in the second transition. I was neither freezing nor having pool water. Here, my non-racing bike was an advantage. With pedals that are straps rather than toe clips, I was able to just put the bike down and run without having to change shoes.

Once again I was passing people left and right. I flew by another dozen or so people. Sprinting across the finish, I felt like ran well; however, as There were no clocks and I had no watch I really didn't know if I had.

Once I had ridden the 20 miles back to Cambridge they had posted final times and places.

Swim - 9:21 342nd overall / 10th in the Clydesdales
Bike - 27:15 124th overall / 3rd in the Clydesdales
Run - 16:00 37th overall / 1st in the Clydesdales
Overall - 52:36 109th overall / 3rd in the Clydesdales

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