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Ride of the Navigator: Tweedo's Revenge 200k (5/20/17)

At Hanscom getting ready for the ride in my navigator's box
Ride: Tweeto's Revenge
Route: Hanscom -> Harvard -> Ashburnham -> Petersham -> Sterling -> Hanscom
Time: 11:20

GlobalCyclist is sleeping off the ride.  In his place, James the Monkey ~ who acted as navigator ~ is writing today's blog.

Prologue: Minuteman Ride 14 miles - Cambridge to Hanscom Field

Jesse woke me up waaaay too early, so he could could drink coffee before we left.  I didn't need to drink coffee.  Jesse also had eggs and avocado breakfast; I ate a banana.

Minuteman Bikeway
 Jesse rode us through the Yard and out to Arlington before we rode through a bunch of Minuteman related stuff: The bikeway and the National Park

At the Paul Revere Capture Site
 Leg One: A warm up 21 Miles: Hanscom Field -> Harvard

After the ride started, we went through the neighborhoods around Hanscom.  And then in Concord, Jesse took a bunch of people the wrong way ~ it's like some monkey was the navigator.  But then he got everyone going the right way.

Turtle Crossing, my roommates Stuart and Ernesto tell me to watch out for turtles crossing
We rode on without getting too lost again... maybe 50 feet once.  And then as we were getting close to the first controle, we stopped and said HI to Smokey the Bear.

Then, we rode to the first controle at Dunkin Donuts.  Jesse had some coffee and a cruller; I ate a banana.
Me and Smokey
Leg 2: Hills 30 miles: Harvard -> Ashburnham

Me, sitting in front of the Storybook House
After we left the Dunkin Donuts, then we had to ride over a bunch of hills.  There were fewer turns, so less chance of the navigator getting us lost.  There was the storybook house, we took a picture there. There was some like Jesse liked.

Lake in Ashby
Then in Ashburnham, I got to hangout with a cannon. The second controle was at Tweedo's at Mile 50.  Jesse ate some chips and one of the sandwiches he brought; I ate a banana.

Me on a cannon.

Leg 3: The Cut-off 22 Miles: Ashburnham -> Petersham

Good sign for a navigator
After my banana, I had to get us going again.  Jesse and I were doing the shorter ride, so I was supposed to make sure we didn't follow the 300k directions.  After about two blocks of going the wrong way, we went the right way...

We saw some alpacas on the way that I wanted to hang out with, but Jesse said he got pictures of them last year.  And then we had to ride up a lot of steep hills and Jesse used lots of words he told me I wasn't supposed to repeat.

The Route I navigated:

We rode into Petersham town square.  I hung out on the gazebo while Jesse talked with other riders from both the 300k route and the 200k route who were now converging.

Jesse had some potato chips; I ate a banana.
At Petersham Common
Leg 4: The Home Stretch 56 Miles: Petersham -> Hanscom

We were riding really fast.  Jesse said we could do the ride in less than 11 hours.  All we needed to do was make it over the three hard hills on Williamsville Road.  Then, we would ride close to Sterling where Jesse said we would stop.  But then the bike broke.  Jesse flipped the bike over (I climbed a tree to watch).  Jesse spent time trying to pull the chain out of the frame area, or something, and used lots of the words I'm not supposed to repeat.

He then got his reflective stuff on and ate another sandwich; I ate a banana.

In a TREE!!!

Pond in Harvard
After a long slow ride the rest of the way and night fell (and me NOT getting us lost), Jesse pedaled back to Hanscom field where Jake and some riders who had just finished were there.  Jesse got his card signed and we had some soda (and a banana), before Jesse rode us home where he had a couple of beers and I fell asleep eating a banana.

It was fun to go for a ride with Jesse.  But it was really long.  We spent all day riding round and round.  I liked navigating the directions (except that time I sent everyone the wrong way).

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